Seeking Money-Saving Solutions
A new program has been launched in the continuing effort by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to restructure state government and save taxpayer dollars. The initiative, which is called “State Employees Achieving Savings” (SEAS), seeks input from government employees on how the state can rein in spending.

An online form has been developed for both current and retired state workers to submit their ideas, which will then be reviewed and potentially implemented. They can opt to remain anonymous or make themselves available for follow-up information. The SEAS submission form is available through my website,

Who better than state employees to come up with suggestion for improving performance? They are in the best position to identify efficiencies that can be realized in state government to better serve Pennsylvania citizens.

The initiative was developed by the House Appropriations Committee, which emphasized that no cost-saving idea is too small to be considered. The committee also said the program is not just for state employees – taxpayers are encouraged to submit their ideas as well.

This idea of asking employees for their ideas on how to save money is nothing new. Gov. Tom Ridge created a similar program in the 1990s that resulted in $581 million in savings.

Private sector businesses have also sought employee input to save money. In the public sector, governments across the United States, from the federal level down to local municipalities, also undertook such initiatives. These government programs produced real savings and, in some cases, helped to reverse multi-billion dollar state budget deficits.

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