Mar. 02, 2017

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne) is asking Gov. Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Department of Education to reconsider nearly $613,000 that will be slashed from the Hazleton Area School District’s current budget. The move comes as the result of a change to the state’s basic education funding formula that was implemented last year.

“The school district has faced many challenges and a massive cut to our current budget will have a dramatic and negative impact on the schools, students, and services provided,” said Toohil. “This cut was unforeseen and we therefore had no ability to forecast or prepare for it. We are requesting the decision to make this cut be reversed before implementation.”

The new formula takes childhood poverty into account and drives more aid into districts where the level of “concentrated poverty” meets or exceeds 30 percent. The reduction in school funding is a reflection of the district falling below the threshold, at which time all additional aid is eliminated.

“The loss of funding penalizes the district more than any other in Pennsylvania because of the percentage of total funding (1.6 percent) it will lose,” added Toohil. “I’m hoping the governor will realize the damage this will do to students, their families and property owners and halt this potentially drastic cut before it is realized.”

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