Watch for the Spotted Lanternfly

May. 25, 2018 /

Even though there has been no sign to date of the Spotted Lanternfly in Luzerne County, state officials are urging residents to be vigilant and watch for the highly-invasive insect.

Watch for the Spotted Lanternfly

May. 21, 2018 /

Even though there has been no sign to date of the Spotted Lanternfly in Luzerne County, state officials are urging residents to be vigilant and watch for the highly-invasive insect.

Helping First-Time Homebuyers

May. 14, 2018 /

Legislation is moving through the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that would help state residents realize the dream of home ownership. The toughest part for many prospective homebuyers is taking the first step, and House Bill 1981 would enable them to do just that.

Welfare Reform Bill Would Establish Work Requirements

May. 07, 2018 /

We all know someone who is dealing with a challenge in their lives, be it job loss, illness or injury. Any of these circumstances can happen to anyone at any time, and it is human nature to want to lift people up and get them back on their feet.

Creating a Victims’ Bill of Rights

Apr. 23, 2018 /

Legislation that would create a victims’ bill of rights in Pennsylvania is moving through the General Assembly. I am a co-sponsor of House Bill 1993, which is otherwise known as Marsy’s Law after a tragic case in California.

Public Safety Focus of Committee Hearings

Apr. 16, 2018 /

The House Judiciary Committee, of which I am a member, is currently holding a series of special public safety hearings in Harrisburg on public safety legislation, including proposals relating to Pennsylvania’s gun laws.

Learn How to Prevent Lyme Disease

Apr. 09, 2018 /

Now that warmer spring weather is on the way, the Pennsylvania Department of Health is reminding residents to take the necessary steps to guard against Lyme disease.

Improving Pennsylvania’s Child Custody Law

Mar. 26, 2018 /

Legislation that would make important changes to Pennsylvania’s child custody law was recently approved by the House Judiciary Committee, of which I am a member. Our vote on Senate Bill 844 was unanimous and sends the proposal to the full House of Representatives for consideration.

Trout Stocking Starts Soon in Area Waterways

Feb. 20, 2018 /

To find out when your favorite fishing spot will be stocked with trout by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, check the 2018 stocking schedules, which are now available online and on the commission’s FishBoatPA mobile app. Hard copies are available at my district office in Hazleton, located at 1 W. Broad St.

Driver’s License Veterans Designation Proving to be Popular

Feb. 06, 2018 /

More than a half million Pennsylvania veterans have added a veterans designation to their driver’s license or ID card since it was first offered in 2014. The designation – an American flag with the word VETERAN beneath it – is a patriotic way for veterans to show their pride and convey to others that they served in the United States military.

Improving Pennsylvania’s Adoption Laws

Jan. 29, 2018 /

Q: As someone who has adopted several children in recent years, I’m interested in the status of your adoption bill. I haven’t seen anything in the news since it was passed by the House last year.

Drug Epidemic Declared Statewide Disaster Emergency

Jan. 22, 2018 /

Last week, Gov. Tom Wolf signed a declaration that designated the heroin and opioid epidemic as a statewide disaster emergency. The move is the first-of-its-kind for a public health emergency in Pennsylvania.

Medical Marijuana and Gun Ownership

Jan. 16, 2018 /

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding ownership of firearms by Pennsylvania residents who are approved for medicinal marijuana. This is certainly an important issue that we have been following closely in the House of Representatives.

Plan Unveiled to Reform Pennsylvania’s Welfare System

Jan. 08, 2018 /

To help contain costs and bring about real reform to Pennsylvania’s welfare system, a package of bills was unveiled this week to give more families an opportunity to improve their quality of life, while tackling waste, fraud and abuse from within the current system.

Beyond the Budget: A Look Back at 2017

Dec. 27, 2017 /

This year, the months-long budget saga dominated headlines out of Harrisburg. While I wasn’t entirely pleased with the overall spending and funding package, I do believe the final budget reflected one of our most fundamental responsibilities – standing up for taxpayers.

Cracking Down on Card Skimmers

Dec. 19, 2017 /

Legislation is moving quickly through the Pennsylvania General Assembly that would crack down on those who use credit card skimming devices for fraudulent purposes. House Bill 1918 was passed by the House last week, less than a month after it was introduced.