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Toohil Co-Sponsors Property Tax Elimination Measure
HARRISBURG – State Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne) announced her support for property tax reform legislation unveiled Wednesday by Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover). House Bill 2230 would allow communities to control how public school districts and local government services are funded. Toohil is a co-sponsor of the measure.

“Property tax reform is the No. 1 issue for many residents in the 116th District,” said Toohil. “It is of greatest concern for our older residents on fixed incomes who are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their growing tax bills. The Grove legislation offers a commonsense solution to relieving that burden by giving local governments and taxpayers the power to choose alternative funding solutions for our schools.”

Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, House Bill 2230 proposes to allow counties, through voter referendum, to enact a 1 percent county-level sales tax. The proceeds would be used to buy down property taxes in that county’s school districts.

The legislation would also allow local governments and school districts to levy either a Personal Income Tax (PIT) or an Earned Income Tax (EIT). The revenue collected would offset a reduction in property taxes by at least 30 percent, depending on the tax rate. Under the plan, local taxing authorities could opt to completely eliminate property taxes.

The measure includes inflationary guidelines on tax increases for counties, municipalities and school districts, which would be compelled to freeze property taxes if they opt to enact a tax shift. School districts would be subject to Act 1 inflationary index requirements and exceptions.

“We’ve been talking about property tax reform in Pennsylvania for decades now with nothing to show for it,” said Toohil. “The road ahead for the Grove bill could be difficult. But this legislation is different than past proposals because it would allow communities where property taxes aren’t a problem to keep the current system in place, while allowing communities where taxpayers are calling for some relief to make the switch to another funding method.”

House Bill 2230 has been referred to the House Finance Committee, which has scheduled a public hearing on the measure for Monday, March 12.

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State Representative Tarah Toohil
116th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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